Bradley S.

I’m a recovering meth addict my history of drug abuse started in high school over 20 years ago and in august of 2020 I hit my rock bottom after a week long of fighting with the woman I love I attempted suicide and with the grace of god my girlfriend had called the sheriffs. Between her and the two deputies that had convinced me that was not the way out. That night I was arrested for domestic assault and spent 3 days in jail after my release I entered into a 10 day inpatient treatment for mental health after that I started intensive out patient treatment with Minnesota adult and teen challenge in September and graduated on March 18,2021 in December of 2020 I began domestic abuse prevention classes which I just recently completed July 7 th this year through all of these classes and struggles it has helped me change into a person that I’ve only dreamed about I’ve been sober almost 11 months now and feeling great I m finally the father my kids deserve and although I’m not home yet and I’m still working to rebuild the relationship with the woman I love I can’t complain about life I’ve come so far and worked so hard to leave the past behind to build a life with purpose and integrity

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12/26/20 I took my last hit of meth. I had a motorcycle accident omw home day after Xmas and nearly died. Lost my spleen broke 8 ribs and my shoulder. Woke up 3 days later from a coma. I was so injured I couldn’t do drugs if I wanted to. And it was all that I needed to see things for what they were and realize how I was living wasn’t really living at all! Here I am now nearly a year clean. And my life is amazing my kids and wife enjoy and love being around me. I wish everyone could get the chance to see the difference I life being sober again because being addicted you loose sight & forget this wonderful feeling that life sober has to offer us! Demons behind me & so is my past!!

Joel W Barajas

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