Julio E.

So I am prior military, US Navy and an Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran 06-07 deployment. Coming home was hard to transition from a war scene to a normal way of living. Seeing third world countries and their struggles to survive; made me appreciate the little things we Americans take for granted. God, family and country is something I don't take for granted, I try to live humble and always try to love more.

I just recently lost my little brother on 9/4/22, he was shot and killed over a few words between he and a stranger. He was my only brother. Just when I had fought my demons away from the war, here I face a new one from the death of my brother.

I was on Facebook and came across your add. The "Demons Behind Me" on the shirt said it all, it reminded me how I can over come this anger and hate. How this grief too shall pass with time and I need to keep my mind on a positive track.

My struggles have just begun but, seeing those few words tells me that I can and will put that demon behind me for the honor of my little brother Vic.

RIP brother, we shall see each other again.

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