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Share your story so that you may bring someone else the strength to make it through something similar.  Let them know they are not alone.  You may also be selected to receive a $25 gift card to our online store if your story is chosen.

Feel free to share a photo or selfie as well if you would like to have it included on our Stories page.

At Demons Behind Me we believe in the power of sharing stories of survival, triumph, and overcoming life's challenges and obstacles.  We believe that stories are both helpful for the reader and for the person sharing.  You never know who you may save just by sharing your story as it is very likely that there is someone else going through something similar who may think they are facing life on their own.  Your story will bring someone else strength, someone that needs to hear how they can put this behind them.  Our stories should remind everyone that we are not alone and that we are all in this together.

Help us to end the shame of discussing life's challenges.  We ALL go through them.  Let's stop the stigma and start sharing so that we may help others who feel alone.

Please use this area to share your story.  Share your challenge, what helped you to overcome, and what you do everyday to ensure that your past stays behind you.  Share as much as you would like, but we do ask that you keep out any names or confidential information as we may share your story through our Live Facebook or Instagram feed, read by one of the Demons Behind Me owners or team members, and in our weekly email newsletter.  You may also be invited to be a guest on the next season of our Demons Behind Me Podcast.

If your story is chosen to be shared, we will follow up with you if any other details are needed.  You will also receive a $25 gift card to our online store.

*By sharing your story you give Demons Behind Me the permission to share your story via social media and other channels.  Modifications will not be made unless you the author approve or request that they be made.  You can request that your story not be shared at any time.

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