Short Story

Demons Behind Me is an inspirational clothing line that started in Jacksonville Beach, FL in 2009. My business partner and I came up with the idea one Sunday afternoon talking about our past tattoos. Chris has a random tattoo of a demon tearing out of his calf muscle and I asked him what it was all about. He simply said, “I put the tattoo on the back of my calf because I put my demons behind me.” The light bulbs went off and we have been brain- storming ever since. Our message is a positive one, understanding that many people struggle with demons or obstacles of multiple sorts, but we can all work to put them behind us. We appreciate your support in helping us to share our message.

We're all going through different challenges in this life, and we have an option to live right here, right now, and put our demons behind us. Of course it's always easier said than done, and that's why we'll always be here for you like you have for us. We've all gone through different things, we've been high, we've been low, and we can all help each other out. We're much more than a clothing company, we are you, we are community, we are the next generation.