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Bret K.

by James Thelen 27 Jan 2023 0 Comments

I grew up on a small Indian reservation in Northern montana.. I began drinking n smoking weed at 13.. by 18 I was drinking daily.. at age 25 I tried meth for the first time.. that began a downward spiral that would last for the next 25 plus years.. I have had periods of sobriety during those 25 years but always went back to dope.. in 2014 I got in legal trouble n spent the next 7 years in n out of jail, treatment or other institutions.. I'm 53 now n have been clean 7 months.. all I can say is shit is different this time although I'm always aware of the demons lurking at my door.. I am n will be a loyal customer for life.. you all are killin it n genuinely Makin a difference.. keep doin what your doin..

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