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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Chadwick P.

by James Thelen 08 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Growing up in a small town in middle Tennessee I always had a love for music. In highschool my friends and I started bands and had rock and roll fantasies and aspirations. While in my early 20's I started using drugs and became addicted to opiates. At this point I had sold all my guitars and let the dream go and was in and out of rehabs and jail and destroying my family and friends. This carried over into my 30's and by this point I had ruined my reputation in my small hometown while my family waited for the phone call that I had passed away from an overdose. I was lost at this point and finally reached rock bottom when one night while messed up on opiates I received a robber charge. While being booked in at our county jail I passed out and began having seizures, I was overdosing on what I had taken earlier that night. When I woke up I was shackled to a hospital bed with my mother and a police officer standing over me. I went to court and received a 10 year sentence. While incarcerated I decided something had to change. God kept me alive so many times for some reason. I enrolled into the drug program and Life Skills classes and after staying out of trouble I was released after 6 years. The day I walked out I went directly into a Sober Living Halfway House and upon completion instead of going back to my hometown, the only place I'd ever know, I chose to put my demons behind me and moved to Louisville Kentucky. Fast forward to 5 years later I'm still clean and sober, have a beautiful wife, and started following my dream of music after nearly 15 years without touching or owning a guitar. Now I'm an endorsed artist with Dean Guitars, Legendary Pickups and Krunch Kabinets. When I chose to put my Demons Behind Me everything changed and I had a purpose again, a reason to wake up every morning and love life. It's not been easy and there are struggles but as long as you keep focusing on what's in front of you and making it through today you have hope. Don't beat yourself up because of your past, use it as motivation for a better tomorrow and keep your Demons Behind You!!!!

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