After years of abusing alcohol and not getting help from PTSD my world was falling apart. Thinking about suicide twice and attempting it a third time. My girlfriend and I split up after years of her telling me I need to get help. 20 years ago I lost my best friend in a car accident plus years of being a volunteer firefighter I was diagnosed with PTSD and didn’t now how to handle it except to drink it away. Now over 90 days sober and going through rehab and counseling I have put my demons behind me and making changes. Working on becoming a better person and a sober person. Thank to AA and the support I have I am reinventing myself. I truly have seen found a new purpose and I have a son that needs me. This a short version of everything but enough for you to understand. Thank you for the great products with a great message. Everyone deserves a second lease on life, I am grateful I am still here to live life to the fullest.

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