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Isaac H.

by James Thelen 27 Jan 2023 0 Comments

At the age of 19,bad people showed me a drug and I made a terrible choice to use it for the next 33 years.i was addicted to meth and on May 15,2021 I took back my life,soul,and body.i cut off all bad habits and bad influences and started a very hard journey with the help of family and myself months passed and I would receive my clean chips,and eventually stay clean for a year and then 13 months clean and counting. I'm not saying it was easy,because it's not or is,I still struggle every day but the cravings has stopped. Drugs took everything that mattered to me, I wanted to erase myself from this earth and suicide was on the table I'm on the right medication and I haven't felt like this in over 3 decades. From my experience I offer these words,there is help out there,never feel ashamed for asking for it. The road isn't easy,but if you believe in yourself and have a good support group recovery is possible. This is this is the longest I've been clean and what keeps me on this journey is my best friend, my grandson Colton, my 3 daughter's, 2 grand daughters and my soon to be grandson Asher.if I can help 1 person with my story,I'd be happy, have a blessed and wonderful day ❤️ Isaac H

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