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Joseph S.

by James Thelen 08 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Went to prison in 1993. Drunk driving. Crashed motorcycle died three times. 13 days in ice. 23 days total in hospital. Got out had nothing living in my Mom's basement. Got a job,apt. Fell in love Got married. Bought a house. Found a old friend who I've been looking for. My best friend. 10 years clean. I decided to play with meth. Wife said I couldn't buy it. So I decided to sell it. One night my best friend said wanna try this? Hook line and sinker I was on cloud 9. Sold it for 7 years. Got set up by a 1% club friend. Got probation. Never stopped selling. Figured out how to beat drug test. Gallon of water yellow food coloring. 4 months off probation busted again. Looking at life. Got lucky probation. During my time of addiction. We used to laugh and say We don't get high anymore. Gotta do it to function. I am the only one left out of 11 of us. Everyone else had died from stroke,heart attacks blowing them selfs up.Even had one took a tire iron to a cop. Shot and killed in front of his wife and son.its been 10 years clean. Yeah somedays I get a demon on my back whispering one more time. I have my negative thoughts but I am better then that. Just gotta remember. One day at a time. Keep those demons behind you. It gets easier every day. Stay strong.

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