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Marc T.

by James Thelen 08 Jul 2024 0 Comments
I lost my son to gun violence in 2016, and it's been like living in hell ever since. The person got away with a dumbed down sentence, only serving 17 years for taking my son's life. Since then, I have seen depression that I never thought I'd know. But through the help of friends, church, family, and faith.... I've found the strength to continue moving forward. When I first see these flannels, I loved the colors, and I wanted something that I could wear that stands out. Once I saw your mission statement, I was convinced that this was meant to be. So I've found myself buying EVERY flannel, not only because they fit well and are comfortable, but because wth each day I try to put my Demons Behind Me.... with my past. Thank you for making such an awesome product, but also for giving people a purpose to carry on.


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