Mark C.

First off let me say; you guys have a great product (everything I’ve bought is top notch) and the meaning behind what you are doing is awesome! I may not have the same experiences as you guys, but i think i do still and have to put some DBM. I was in law enforcement for almost 32 years. I medically retired a little over a year ago (2 knee replacements, 2 wrists rebuilt, and 2 hearing aids needed from having 4 K9 partners barking behind most of that time). I wasn’t your typical cop. I grew up doing a lot of things you probably just shouldn’t, and I got lucky. I definitely should be dead for what I did back then, but I am not. No matter what religion you believe in, someone kept me around for a higher purpose. I always looked at it like I was supposed to protect the good guys from the bad guys, and I did that very well. I have tried to put stuff behind me and learn from it. Because of that, I patterned my law enforcement career after how I would have like to have been treated back in the day. Since retiring, I have dealt with sort of feeling like a bit of a quitter because I’m still not out there doing the job. I still would jump in if needed, but I don't do it in a uniform. Wearing your gear makes me feel good! I will do my best to keep the meaning of it and give it the respect that it deserves.


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