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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Steve W.

by James Thelen 07 Mar 2022 0 Comments
I would like to first say thank you, to the people at demons behind me . After a 20 year struggle w herion addiction, where I lived for nothing except drugs, very dark and depressing days, I tried and tried to get clean,a month or months here and there but never truly clean, always using some type of substance, this whole time believing I was invincible, then on 2/12/2017, I overdosed, alone, thank God my girl broke the door down, to find me blue on the floor, 2 breathes a minute, she called 911, and after 2 shots of narcan and chest paddles they brought me back to life, I then spent 15 days in the hospital w a horrible blood infection, at the same time kicking a dope habit w out anything, this is when, life got real, something I always said when I tried to get clean before, I just need to keep the demon in his cage, and ask for help, admit I had a problem,got a sponsor, and now after alot of work on myself and becoming a useful part of society, and now, I wouldn't change my life for anything, it is second to none, as of today, im 31 days from being 5 Years clean and sober, if you are dealing with anything that I did just remember we can't do this alone but together we can do anything !!! Thanks for letting me share
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