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Andrew L.

by James Thelen 03 Jul 2024 0 Comments
I just wanted to share a quick glimpse into my struggles... I've been addicted to a certain drug for 13 years and have finally gotten the help I've needed and have been able to out my demons behind me... Seeing these adverts on my social feed has constantly reminded me to continue to put my demons behind me, and tell Satan to get behind me, as Jesus sd to Peter in the gospel... In Mark 8:33. Your message has helped me in these trying times and I can proudly say that I am 3-1/2 months clean!!! It's good to see ppl in the world reaching out and showiylove to all of us who struggle and fight demons and battles that nobody else knows about! I'm making first of what will prolly be many purchases in the future... The world today is a crazy place and needs more positive minded and non judgemental people in the world that we can look to with hope! I love what you guys are doing! Rock on!!!


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