Anthony D.

I just wanted to say. The message behind the demons behind me phrase. Really hits me hard and has helped me keep pushing. A year ago I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I was stage one and now I'm in remission. I actually have scans in 2 days to check and make sure it had not came back. Praying it's OK. Anyways on top of me getting cancer my wife was diagnosed 2 months in August with stage 4 gallbladder cancer. She unfortunately lost her battle Dec 2 2022. She was such a wonderful person. A great wife and mother to our mircale son.

I was so angry at the world and so mad that God had taken her and not me she was perfect never did nothing wrong. And I have a little but of a rough past. So I was very upset. It still hurts. And it very hard raising a 2 year son on my own. But I came across you guys page on Instagram and started reading. The phrase just hit me I. A way you would never have thought. It really helps me put my Demons behind Me. And getting closer to God.

So thank you..

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