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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Frank K.

by James Thelen 08 Nov 2023 0 Comments

My dad was an alcoholic for many years. Not a mean one, just drank. After losing my sister (his daughter) and then my mother within a year of each other, years ago, it progressively got worse. I soon followed, taking on other habits as well. My alcoholism turned me into a mean drunk, getting into fights, losing jobs, losing friends and loved ones. We both had our own demons. We knew knew of each other's bad habits and how bad they had gotten but were so damn stubborn to get the help we needed in order to get rid of the past and our supposed "problems" so the demons were loving us for it. My father started getting ill and his health was failing. His liver was shutting down and he was needing a transplant but yet, he still had to have his wine. Finally, he came to and so he said to me that he wanted to be around for his grandkids, so he started going to treatment and started working on doing the things he needed to get the transplant. His liver was already so bad that he was hospitalized on different occasions. Thought I was going to lose him. I told him one day that if he stayed sober and got the transplant, that I would quit doing things myself. He was surprised one day with a call, saying that there was a liver avaliable. After seeing my mother and sister in the hospital so many years ago, the memory of it flashed before my eyes seeing my dad on the hospital bed after surgery, I had to leave the room. After the hospital, he came out of it with a whole different aspect of life. Drinking isn't a part of his life any longer. Because of that, I also quit drinking. I've had a few dealings with other stuff like drugs but since my father quit, I figured I'd quit doing stupid shilw

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