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Bill S.

by James Thelen 08 Jul 2024 0 Comments
April 26th, while this date is not my birthday (April 2nd is), it is a very important date to me. On that date, I heard the three words NO ONE wants to hear, “You have cancer “. Stage 3 Esophageal Cancer. I was given a 30% chance of survival. While I’m alive today, so many people closest to me are not, cancer took them too soon! I live each day trying to be a better person, and some days I fail. To anyone fighting the fight, I’m in your corner, and you’re in my thoughts! You CAN win this battle for your ARE STRONG! For those of us who have or are fighting this battle, we embrace each day with a newfound appreciation for life and all that is has to offer. Let not your vision be blurred. For everyone else, be kind, be humble, and appreciate each day and all the gifts it had to offer!


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