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David F.

by James Thelen 08 Jul 2024 0 Comments
Part 2 . The first week all I did was cry. I haven't ever felt so sad. My group was croning.. I was there for 30 days. Meet some amazing people. This place saved my life. I realized I need to do the divorce n never talk to my wife again. I realized I need to lay my sword down from drinking n coke but.most important I learned to live myself and the power of yet. I've been sober since March 2024 I was 262 pounds now I'm 205 n still working on myself. I got the divorce done . It made me sad to she her she looks terrible from the drugs. I've honestly feel so fuckin good and know I'm never going to feel like that again. This was just a brief story to all the dark that took place. N first time I let my story out. I could write a book


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