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Brenda M.

by James Thelen 12 Oct 2021 0 Comments
Hi my name is Brenda. My story of my younger years is pretty average. Drugs alcohol and lots of parties. Till I found out I was pregnant well I got married and straighten up for my family. I had 3 kids divorced and started parting again.
Now I'm a broken woman my youngest daughter was taken from me by suicide. I found her hanging in the garage following a miscarriage. I lost control I started over dosing my prescription meds didn't want to be hear anymore but I had grandkids from my middle daughter. Being doped up all the time made me lose my family. I was alone grieving my family turned their back on me. After awhile I sobered up got my family back. And realized that grieving depression hurts a lot when your sober. Oct 25 will be 6 yrs since I lost my daughter and I'm still sober
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