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by James Thelen 03 Jul 2024 0 Comments
Hello you guys my name is Brennon back in 2022 I went through a big life downfall that took everything from me even my kids I found u guys on Facebook back in 2023 and the things to spoke about made my heart and soul shak and heart breakdown and feel the pain of everyone man who has had similar problems happen in there life and I now know I'm not a lone with my demons in my path and to face them and leave them behind me in there darkness they put me in . Just want to say thank u from myself and many other men so much for saving me and letting me know I'm worth more to myself and others I'm important in this world. I'd love to spread ur products here in my men's group I created for many men like myself we can face them and leave them were they started are darkness and we don't have to keep carrying them with us . Thanks again guys much love hope to hear from u guys soon . Sincerely Brennon


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