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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Brian M.

by James Thelen 09 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Seriously your message found me at a time when I needed it the most as my wife of 23 years passed away in August 2022 from stage 4B uterine cancer at the age of 42.  Plus she went through her life is  cerebral palsy… tough tough woman and I felt so wronged and cheated that she had to be taken from us with all she’s been through as she had her disability, and her biological family was seriously broken… I didn’t want my life to go dark… but the pain was so bad I had to keep telling myself my wife would not want me to be this sad, and eve more than that I needed to talk about it as I had to honor our love.   People stop talking because they think people don’t want to hear and sometimes that’s true but most just don’t know how to respond because again we don’t talk enough.  On top of that I still have kids to raise and a life to live and try to love.  


What was really cool is when I found your message even though I was grieving grieving for my wife and really depressed I started having my demons come out of the closet things I haven’t faced in years and pushed to the side… and it’s sucked because isn’t leaving the loss of the love of my life enough??? But I feel about my wife pushing me to face them cause she’s here with me still, and that’s when I found your messages when I started having my personal problems, and so far I have faced everyone of them and I’m putting those sons of bitches behind me!!!! 


So so out of that when I found your message I had some inspiration hit me for a motto for my life.


Happy and healthy moving forward…. Putting my demons behind me because so is my past.


Sorry, I had to steal half of it from you guys  


And a happy and healthy for me is not only physical health, but mental, and when you have both is when you find happiness, and I have found happiness… I am down 138 pounds at this point and 23 pounds away from my goal weight plus with the help of this and counseling I just can’t believe how good I feel about my life and me despite what’s happened and how bad it hurts.  


Keep it up it does make a huge difference… people just need to find that message that hits home and yours was like a message I was searching for when I needed it the most.

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