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Calvin B.

by James Thelen 03 Jul 2024 0 Comments
As a recovering addict/alcoholic I put together 10yrs of sobriety & had a relapse & now I just celebrated 7yrs again. 30yrs of use & alot of bad choices leaves me with a resume that caused the woman of my lifetime to assume I was unfaithful all due to my past. I buried that beast yrs ago & she only made me better.. It's a few mths now since we've bn apart & I'm really struggling to keep going. The fake smiles I wear daily in front of my kids from a previous marriage is very exhausting. Although we were only together for 10mths we were engaged & it felt like 10yrs gone in 10 secs. She suffers from alot of my same struggles & we are so much alike. We 1st saw your ad awhile back she said make sure it's not a scam because we loved your message so much & I had bn scammed before. I finally gave you a try & I love the shirt which is why I bought more & I wear the wristband with my other motivational quote bands. Idk if my story will save or help anyone but I'm pretty sure ur company has saved this 48yr old weathered & broken man.


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