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Jessica S.

by James Thelen 03 Jul 2024 0 Comments
I am a recovering heroin addict. I was addicted for 16 years. I lost every thing, my job, my children, my home and my family. I was haunted by childhood trauma and drugs were the only thing drowning out the noise in my head. I became homeless and emotionally void. It became so unbearable to be alive. I overdosed twice and honestly I think I did it on purpose. After the second time I realized that I can't live with these demons anymore. I had been in and out of rehab but never really had true intentions so I'd fail everytime...but I'd fall and pick myself up and try and try and try again until eventually it clicked. It was a long road but I was able to get the therapy and true recovery help that I desperately needed. I am now 6 years clean and I only have perseverance and the grace of the universe to thank. My advice to others is NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP. Even if you fail the first the second the 60th time just dust off and try again. I now have 50/50 custody of my boys, rent my own house, have a car and a job... it doesn't sound that amazing but trust me it truly is after living in hell. The demons are behind me!!


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