Calvin C.

Retired military, 27 years, multiple deployments. Had so many problems coping after retirement, single father taking care of an autistic son. Self medication to cope, 2 DUI’s later I was like “what the F*** is going on”. I have a good retirement, my son was doing well, I picked up a great job managing a Harley dealership and even started my own gunsmithing business. But, I was depressed and trying to make “things happen”. I was injured in an accident on my motorcycle on my second DUI, that totally changed everything. Realized my son needed me and I needed me to be back. Never stopped going to the gym but now I have purpose there, son has been training Judo for two years, I started working on custom bikes again. It took I heavy hit to my head to get me back on track but I’m moving forward and not looking back. I’m only sharing this because I needed to write it down, say it to myself in my head.

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