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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited


by James Thelen 25 Apr 2023 0 Comments

So my story is a long drawn out novel as I have face many challenges in life. I will start from the beginning.

As a teenager I was an addict which in return I became a criminal as well it took being locked up and finding the light of Jesus to pull me from that addiction and believe me it was a long hard road. Then I wanted to better my life so I joined a volunteer fire dept. life was good I had grown though I still struggled with the call of addiction. 9-11 happened I went to New York dug through rubble came home a different person things had really gotten into my head. I struggled for years over the things that I had seen and dealt with through my yrs as a firefighter. I was always ready to just run from everything leave everyone and everything behind. In 2013 at 30 yrs old I ran off to go back to school I wanted another fresh start to be a better version of myself I admit I had no plan went in with no safety net nothing in place and ended up homeless on the streets, and once again Jesus came back into my life and stood me back up and got me moving forward once again. I still kind of wobbles around like a new born fawn not really any clue what I was doing or even what I wanted to achieve but I knew I wanted a better life! Now I am in my 40s been clean for almost 20 yrs I have a career pushing six digits a loving wife five wonderful children and a great relationship with my lord and savior and yes I know not everyone believes but let me tell you I HAVE SEEN! I am glad I left my demons behind and my past is in the rearview as a reminder of what I don’t want to go back to! If you ever have doubt just keep pushing if you fall get back up and try again and again I have failed many times and there were times I didn’t think I could get back up but you can always get back up never give up and even when you cross that finish line just keep going never stop never let those demons come sneaking back up from behind.

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