Chad S.

I have been a first responder for 24 years in a reasonably large city in the midwest. 11 of those years I was assigned to the SWAT team. I retired from that in 2017. The following year my wife of 21 years and I divorced. My alcohol use was not the primary problem, but definitely contributed to its demise. I had an on and off relationship with alcohol for several years. I married my second wife and we didn't even make it a year and are separated.

Back in March I spent an entire weekend in a bottle of Jameson to the point I experienced blackout. I don't Remember my wife coming home from a weekend trip on Monday. Apparently we had an argument and I took my bulldog and left. I had no business driving. I somehow made it to a small township where I was eventually contacted by deputies from the sheriff's office. My truck and dog both were impounded because I couldn't function enough to give them my wife's phone number. Then we went to jail where I was booked for DUI and open container. My wife picked me up from jail. I ended up staying with a friend for a few nights before I checked myself into inpatient rehab. I was there 39 days. I'm still doing intensive outpatient 3 days a week and have been sober for almost 4 months. I found your organization while in rehab and quickly bought gymwear and hats. Currently I am assigned a desk job pending the outcome of criminal court, drivers license hearing, and then the internal investigation.

I wear my gear with pride every chance I get!

Keep fighting the good fight!

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