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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Chris R.

by James Thelen 09 Apr 2024 0 Comments
I am 9 yrs Sober. I was at my rock bottom living in a basement apartment. I had a garbage full of empty whiskey bottles. I wasn’t eating. I hated the person I saw in the mirror. If I had a gun or a rope I wouldn’t be typing this letter today. Nothing mattered. My son, my life, my brothers, my mother and father, nothing. I was jobless, behind on rent and all I was doing was trying to drink myself to death. I sat and prayed to god to just end my life I didn’t care anymore. I was losing my sanity the more I kept drinking. Losing touch with reality. Until finally the phone rang and someone asked if I get you to a treatment facility will you go? I said yes. For the first two weeks I said nothing. I didn’t know what I was doing. Until my son came to visit me on his 4th birthday and when that innocent miracle of life came walking in and I saw him with completely sober eyes, completely sober heart, completely sober soul and a completely sober mind. Something inside me finally broke open. At that very moment I knew I could never go back to the bottle. I could never touch one single drop of alcohol. That I truly had to leave my demons behind me. Thank you for what you do and what you are making. Every time I put on your hat it is a constant reminder that I made it another day sober. I was working down in VA and when I’m on the road I find an AA meeting. I met an ol timer of the program who asked if could have my hat. I said jokingly I would will it to him when I pass on lol. When I got home to Brookings SD I ordered him one and sent it to him. He loved it. I also wear the wrist band as does my now 13 yr old son. Thanks again yours truly your sober warrior. Chris


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