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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Chris S.

by James Thelen 25 Jan 2023 0 Comments

My story starts in Cali ends up in Arkansas! Been i. trouble all my life running from God! I found out early that he was real! I was hitching a ride in Bakersfield had a job but no car I was on hwy 58 walking andcwas gonna be late for work when I just said Lord I need A ride a car went by me it their brakes and flip around and this little ol lady said God just told her to give me a ride! I was a smart elic and said thats funny cause I just asked for a ride! It tripped me out! She got my number invited me to Church and I was like nah! But I found out every time I got in trouble with the law I would pray God get me out of this and I will do what you want and Mam I would get out it was freaky! Well I got married and tried to do right but between the drugs alcohol and running aroud I couldn't get straight! Me and the wife split she went back to Arkansas I stayed in California but I was fading fast! We ended up seeing each other at my cousins she was her for her moms wedding so she invited me but I was so cranked out it was unreal, She went back I stayed! But I ended up assaultig this guy in a 7-11 and went on the run called the Wife said hey I am coming to see ya! Lol She said what did you do? I said well kind put this dude i. the med! But she said come on so I was on my way! I got there straightened up for a minute started working as a bouncer and ended up hurting A guy at another bar that night went on the run I got arrested in Memphis And said God get me out of this ( I had a warrant in California for assault to comit murder) But I got out on a 20,000 dollarvbond with 200.dollars from a lady and another lady put up her house( I had only been in Arkansas 4 months) And out I got. Well my wife and her family had a family reunion in Mississippi and we went well they were playing Jesus songs and all that and her Uncle turned to me and said you ought to come to Church with us! I turned And look at my wife and said I am not going to Church he doesn't know what kinda man I am! Well I went back for my court daye and told my wife I will be right back gonna but it off for a few months! Well my bond was provoke warrant from California was there and off I went And I knew what had just happened God said ok time to pay up! And man I ask for forgiveness got saved did my time got out and now I am a preacher me and my wife have our own Church! So yes Demons behind me! And so is my past!

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