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Dawn S.

by James Thelen 08 Jul 2024 0 Comments
I am an addict in recovery and I've been clean 11 years. My DOC was heroin and crack and like every other addict it took me to unmannagability. I started my addiction at 29 years old and was working in corrections with teens. After 10 years of addiction and many felonies later, I could not return to the profession I loved but my higher power had another plan! He humbled me by becoming a server, figuratively and literally. But he gave me a fire within to overcome and be the best at whatever life dealt me. After a few years, I became manager then general manager which I shouldn't have qualified for due to my record. Covid hit, and I was working 90 hour weeks and I prayed to please show me the way. I felt myself slipping. I took the information that rehab had taught me and remained honest with myself. I had applied for a counselor tech position 2 years prior at a drug rehab facility. I prayed for God to open a door and 3 days later, the application I sent in 2 years prior ran across the desk of a manager and I got the call. The pay was a quarter of what I was making but I trusted this was the right move. It didn't provide all the money my current job did, but I believed I'd be paid in other ways.....and boy was I right! I started as a tech working with the women age 18 to 50 who just left detox. I began to get my spiritual rewards. I knew I had found my purpose! After 2 years I was promoted to case manager of the entire inpatient facility which holds 180 men and women. I know my calling is to become an addiction therapist so 6 months ago at the age of 48 I returned to college and I will have my degree in a year. I reconnected with my children, am blessed to have a home that I paid off, and I am a grandmother today. The blessing is my grandchildren will never know me as someone who doesn't show up. I show up everyday for the people I love and I receive unconditional love in return. Addicts are my favorite people! And the job I have holds me accountable everyday. It also reminds me that If I make one bad choice, we're I am headed. It's not an easy journey, but it's worth it. I chose not to let the ugly in others destroy the Beauty in me and I let my light shine by empowering other addicts to find their purpose and live the life they were meant to live


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