My story covers 10 years of abuse by the hands of my now ex husband. At the beginning he was good to me the. When he went on the road as a truck driver he decided to start sexually abusing me. He is a pedophile and is registered in the state of Kansas. I had no clue it was abuse. He moved me away from all my family and friends so I had no one to talk to about it. He also made it so I couldn't work so I had no money. I had to actually ride with him to get out of the house. The last straw was him coming off the road and he wanted a divorce. We separated and he keep me drunk most of the time. And he kept sexually abusing me until he got a protective order cuz he was afraid I would hurt him. It's been 2 years without him and I haven't been happier my self esteem is sky high I love myself I don't drink anymore....

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