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by James Thelen 12 Oct 2021 0 Comments
So in 2013 I was in a car crash at hands of my ex ..She ran us into guardrail at 60 mph .I was knocked out on impact and awoke in a trauma er 40 miles away ..Long story short she cheated on me and abandoned our apt while I was in hospital leaving me injured and potentially homeless ..
I suffered 9 additional concussions following the crash ..I am plagued by vertigo , blackouts and migraines ..I have to wear a safety helmet as a result and am deaf in left ear ..
I battled for 6 yrs for disability finally winning last year ...I am slowly adapting to my new life although I miss driving and working ...I will never give up though rising out of the ashes of ruin to take my life back ..
I saw your guys phoenix shirt and it described me perfectly ..I too am like a phoenix learning again to soar , rising from the corpse of the old me ..I also like the bracelet I wear it everyday ..
Thank you ..I also suffer from bpd , bipolar 1, gad, ocd, adhd , and ptsd ..I am often damned and misunderstood by the world in general , but one thing I will never give up..Ever..
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