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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited


by James Thelen 08 Nov 2023 0 Comments

My name is J and imna suicide attempt survivor. It happened a few weeks back and heres my story. I started working at a restaurant where i live and had let them know of my autism. I was promised that i was in a safe environment. That was further from the truth. I was degraded and belittle and told how worthless i was. I knew i was in a dark spot but i keep saying id get help, ill find a different job, things aint that bad. Im working the problem. Well the problem finally worked me. I did what i did, ill spare the details, and took a note to my wife(didnt want it to get lost), and the went to sit down and die. Dont know what snapped me out of it but I decided that i didnt want to drive so I drove myself to the fire station, was taken to hospital, then to a mental hospital. There inwas given the help i needed, relised that its ok to not be ok, and am now in therapy. My moto every day is im ok, im also not ok, and its ok not to be ok. Its also ok to get help. I have a safe word and a group of people around me. Im also looking at going back to school to be a therapist and work with people with suicide problems. Since it has happened ive taken steps to better myself and even quit my job. I even got to go to the beach with my kids and was given the chance to shake hands with the firedights and there cheif and their marshall for saving my life. And honestly thank you guys for this. A place where we can share our stories with the hope that someone hears it and gets help before they do something horrible

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