Jason P. - Redmond, WA

I was lost in addiction for over 15 years. I burned every bridge that I crossed. I lost everything, my wife, my home, my job, a garage full of toys, my truck, my dog, my best friend, my relationship with everyone, and lastly my sanity. I attempted suicide unsuccessfully. I stole from everyone that I cared about. I got a DUI that I never dealt with, then 2 driving on suspended. I was writing bad checks everywhere which ultimately landed me 2 felonies. I was in and out of jail every few months with longer sentences for most of my 15 years in addiction. I hated my life and prayed that I wouldn't wake up the next day, or I'd OD, but I always did come to. I had no purpose. Jan 7 2019 I caught my last charge which put me back in jail once again. I still had 5 open cases. It was in jail kicking and withdrawing that I finally had a moment of clarity. I asked my public defender if he'd be able to get me into the Seattle Salvation Army ARC 6 month program. He obliged, presented that option to all of the judges I had to appear in front of, and they all said yes to me getting help. I graduated the 6 month program, stayed an extra 3 months. Then moved into clean & sober living for 6 months. I have a personal relationship with God. I no longer fill that spiritual deficiency with drugs, alcohol, and women. I got my job back, I got my driver's license back, I bought a car, I bought a motorcycle, I bought an ATV, my relationship with my gf has never been better. I have money in the bank. I'm happy. All my court cases have been closed and all fines paid. I volunteer my free time to the program that saved my life. I now live a life of integrity and am blessed beyond measure. I get to be an example to the next man or woman struggling in addiction and share my story. I can finally be the man that my gf deserves and ask for her hand in marriage. We currently are looking to buy a home. If you need or want more information I'd be happy to go into more detail on my life. Please call, text, or email me anytime. I'm always available!

My clean & sober date is 1/7/2019 Demons Behind Me & So Is The Past
Thank you guys for all that you do, I love your company!

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