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Chris D.

by James Thelen 12 Oct 2021 0 Comments
I spent most of my teen years and all of my adult life in the throes of alcohol. The last 5-6 years before I got sober were the darkest of my life, I became disconnected from family and friends, my health deteriorated, and while I continued with my career, I was merely showing up. I had turned my back on God and did not want to live anymore, I had prayed many nights that it would be my last and I would continue to wake up the next morning. That changed on July 2013 when I decided to get the help I needed. I knew if I kept living the was I was living I was going to die, so after coming out of another blackout I made the decision to get help. After numerous attempts to find a treatment center that would accept me due to my failing health, I began my journey of sobriety on July 9th, that night was a true life changer, I coded twice, but was revived and the healing began. Through my recovery in the hospital and later at a treatment facility I reconnected with God and finally after many years of being a slave to alcohol I was free and since then I have been blessed with new relationships with family and friends and a community of people who have recovered. It is my commitment to help others regain the hope that was lost and to live the life they were meant to live.
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