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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Jeff A.

by James Thelen 03 May 2024 0 Comments

I was on a horrible path in my life. I was an alcoholic from about the age of 27 till I was 40. I had a bad split up with a gal of 10 years when I was 27. We'd been together since I was 17. I started drinking pretty bad at that point. I hot married at 32 years old with a wonderful gal. She was a Godly lady for sure. She didn't drink. That wasn't my thing. I still drank but she hung by my side. I got pretty tore up on my 40th birthday. We were at the bar and she came up and asked how many I had so far. It was plenty buy I didn't even have a buzz at all. The next day, we had a softball meeting for our upcoming season. I wasn't drinking at all. Of course the guys ripped on me. That was the point I'd quit cold turkey. February 10th of 2024 was my 5th year if sobriety. I didn't go the AA route. I ended up seeking out our Lord. I started attending a church and ended up helping form an Overcomers Group there. Who knew I'd end up helping and doing that? God did! From there, I got involved in a youth group at a different church. My wife and I ended up switching churches and became members at out current church the end of 2023. I continue to help lead our youth group there. My wife leads Kids Kingdom there. We love it. I am also out Road Chaplin and Secretary for our Christian Motorcycle Association that I ride with. We spread God's love on our bikes and love it. I'm with the right people now. I'm where I belong. I do love shooting darts and that involves being in bars. It keeps me close to those struggling I feel. I've found a few there that needed help. I minister when I can. I'd definitely love to talk further about my testimony. I've had the pleasure of speaking to groups about where I was and where I'm going now. Your testimony can save a person struggling. There's no doubt about that. God bless fellas. Thanks! Jeff


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