Jeff S.

My story is a unique one. In January of last year I was sent to a rehab facility/nursing home not being able to walk. I was unable to get up move or anything I was laying flat in bed. Had to have a machine pick me up and place me in a wheelchair in order to get around my muscles were literally dying in July I was diagnosed with a very rare and unusual disease of an enzyme muscular disease that was eating my muscles literally from the inside out I was told at that time there was a potential for a treatment that might work and would get me not 100%, but would get me back to being able to be self-sufficient during that long span, I very often thought of suicide because I couldn’t stand laying in bed. I couldn’t stand sitting in wheelchair because my nerves were just running rapid on my outer surface of my skin, because there was no muscular structure to protect them I was given treatment and I was able to actually be to stand up for the first time in eight months in August of last year. It is now August 2023 and I am able to walk. I am able to stand. I actually go to the gym now 5, 6 days a week and able to become almost normal again there are still problems and I still have to monitor it because it could return , but seeing your guys products, made me feel like I could go forward and forget about what it happened to me in the past and if this helps anybody or any of your customers looking forward instead of behind, I really hope it helps. Thank you again for your amazing product and for what you do for other people sincerely, Jeff 

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