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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Jeff W.

by James Thelen 07 Mar 2022 0 Comments
I want to start out with saying my sobriety date is 10/09/2016 from drugs and alcohol. I spent several years fighting my demons. I was told that i would never be a productive member of society again. I thought this to be true and continued down a dark path. Before the drugs and alcohol, I was in the Military and also a part time firefighter. I was told I would never do that again. After finding Recovery Thanks to the boys in blue. I have found Recovery. Today I am a productive member of society, I work full time in recovery at a treatment center. I have gotten my record expunged, and I have been a member of the local volunteer fire Department where i have made the rank of Captain. Although this is just a short summary, I have made a big turnaround in this time that I have been sober. I love helping others obtain their goals the same way I was shown, I am willing to help anyone to free themselves from the demon of addiction. please contact me at any time.

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