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John B.

by James Thelen 25 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Hi, I did drugs for 30+years, and I'm a Marine veteran, I deal with severe anxiety (PTSD)and depression, hard to get up in the morning, I was suicidal for awhile, but new it would kill my mom and hurt my friends, I got a job as security in bars and clubs, changed my diet, went to counseling twice a month, started working out again, and turned negative thoughts into positive thoughts, and started taking care of myself, stopped pleasing others over myself, you have take care of yourself and don't worry about pleasing others, do what makes YOU happy and what you want to do!!! Like they say "One day at a time  It takes time to adjust to a healthy and positive life, but you can do it, talk to someone, go to counseling, get a hobby, mine is camping, hiking, the ocean and forest, motocross, concerts, hanging with friends, Remember, DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!! It will get better and stay focused on yourself and be POSITIVE!!  Have a great day;!;

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