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Joshua M.

by James Thelen 03 Jul 2024 0 Comments
2011 I returned from Afghanistan to find my wife had taken my son and moved across the country with another man. I was unable to reenlist due to unbelievable circumstances. I was honorably discharged, but in a deep depression from the loss of my wife and son. I moved back to my parent's house feeling useless, and hopeless. Upon speaking with a mental health provider, they asked me when the last time I felt great was. It was always while in my dress uniform. Being out of the service I was unable to continue to wear the uniform. My therapist challenged me to fight through it for 6 months, to try something. The challenge was not only to fight through it, but to not leave the house without at the least wearing a shirt and tie. This rebuilt that sense of pride, and self-esteem. It has been 13 years, and I find that I am the most comfortable in a shirt and tie. I now walk with confidence, I feel as though I am now unbreakable. Yes, I am still broken, but no longer self-destructive. My demons truly are behind me!


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