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Treg W.

by James Thelen 03 Jul 2024 0 Comments

Good Morning,
      I truly appreciate what you all stand for! I'm currently in the military going on 23 years, retiring in September and it's sad to say when it comes to suicides when the military says they care, they don't! Chaplains are just corporate sponsors. We have to take care of each other cuz leadership won't! They tell you to take a knee to take care of yourself, but when you do that you're scrutinized for it or even kicked out. And trust me when I say this, when you put so much into the military believing in what they preach and then they are nowhere to be found when you need them the most in your darkest hour, it can be devastating. I've lost two friends to suicide because of this. Demons are very real! I'm not a preaching man, but I do believe in heaven and hell, God and Satan with his demons. I had to clean up a suicide scene of my brother-in-law and when I walked into that room to start cleaning up there was a heavy, dark presence there that I felt trying to push me out of that room. I kept speaking the name of Jesus, cleaned up the room, burned the remnants in a fire pit, had a priest come over and pray with me in that room to be rid of the Demons. I say all this cuz I totally agree with what you're doing and truly appreciate it. I'm on a limited budget right now or I would practically buy everything you push. I love your challenge coins that I will purchase in the future to pass out my military brothers and sisters as a reminder that they are not alone. I know it's not cheap but continue to spread your message over every facet of communication possible . I know you are saving lives just seeing your moto. Again thank you for what you do!

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