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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Judy C.

by James Thelen 09 Apr 2024 0 Comments
I am a 31 year old child rape survivor! My father raped and molested me started when I was 4 and didn't end till my parents got a divorce and I felt secure to say something at the age of 15! When I came out about what he had done my whole family called me a liar, my mom got hooked to meth and disappeared and no charges were pressed. So to this day they accept him with open arms and I don't have anything to do with most of my my family because they didn't believe me. From the age of 15 I was on my own I stayed from friends houses to cousins and got pregnant at 17 with my daughter and dropped out of school and moved in with his parents who mentally abused me calling me all kinds of names and making me their Cinderella and at 8 months pregnant I had enough and took off walking and found somewhere else to stay. I went into labor June 29th and had my baby girl we went back to where I was staying and her dad's family would still disrespect me so I had my grandpa and grandma come and get me and take me away from them. After 6 months away from him and him denying he was the father I went and had a paternity test done and since then he's just been in and out of my daughter's life leaving me a single mother. After I had my daughter I got my own place started working at Honda and went and got my high school diploma and was building the life my daughter and I deserved. In 2014 I thought I met the love of my life. We was something it was amazing we tried for 2 years to get pregnant and when I finally did it was on my wedding day I took a pregnancy test and there it was we was so happy. My husband had a good job I had my baby boy and my baby girl life was starting to get better I was building a family for me and my kids. In 2018 my ex husband relapsed and through me and the kids pretty much to the side he left to get high and sleep with everyone in our town. When he left he left me with all the bills on a huge house that I couldn't afford so me and my kid became homeless, then I found a trailer empty and talked to the old lady that owned it and she let me fix it up and get it livable because it was in rough shape, so me and my kids had a home so once again I started back at Honda and was building life up again. In 2019 December I got t boned by a truck totalled my car and lost my Jon due to not being able to work cause injuries. I lost everything once again I had to live with my cousin which at that time me and her wasn't really getting alone so that didn't last long so we went and stayed with my aunt and I got a job a McDonald's in greensburg. Everyday till I had enough money to move I had to make the commute from Batesville to Westport to daycare then to greensburg for work then back to daycare and back to Batesville till i could get my own place in greensburg. I finally got it in 2020. While working at McDonald's I became addicted to math and had a rough 4 month spin out and me a guy lost my house and job and decided to get sober june 3rd 2020 and moved in with him and we got our own place and due to me being white and his baby mama being black and racist she didn't everything in her power to separate us she got a protection order against me and kept his kids from him so we ended up not working so me and my kids got our own place that's where I live now. But during the time with my ex boyfriend I started college at Ivy Tech I went for a year and half and graduated in May 2023. I currently work as lead cashier at speedway due to nowhere hiring. I'm just raising my kids and giving them everything they deserve because God knows i worked hard to get where I am today and tour demons behind me line is my favorite. It's speaks to my dark soul and I love it. Clothing that fits my personality. There's a long strong survival story behind this woman. I try to help as many people as I can in life because I know what it's like to go without and i know what it's like to not be able to say something about being abused!! I'm living proof!!


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