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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Larry D.

by James Thelen 07 Mar 2022 0 Comments
I was a single father for 12 years working 12 to 14 hrs a day in a weld shop as an asme combo code welder building heat exchangers raising a 2 month old by myself and managed just fine. Didn't date until he was about a year old and the girl I was dating got mad at me because I no longer wanted to date her, so she and a couple of guys that she was friends with broke into my home while I was visiting my dad in a different town and I came home to find my front door busted open. My cd's of music and mine and my sons DVD collection had been stolen along with my Xbox and all my games, but the kicker was they broke into my gun cabinet stolen all my guns my grandpa's guns on my dad's side and my mom's side which were and are precious and priceless. Made a police report nothing ever happened. Next one I dated my son was around 4 yrs old and she talked me into moving to Bandera tx and come to find out she was cheating on me so moved my son and I back to Oklahoma after being there for a year, the next one when my son was around 9 everything was great I had my old job back had an apartment had all my crap together doing us, and she moved from Texas to Oklahoma to stay with us. She stayed with us for almost a year and things started to get serious so I bought her a jeep which she wanted and put her on my cell phone plan, the works. She was missing her kids which were all grown and wanted to go visit them so I gave her some money she was going to go stay with one of her sons for a week. Well, she left and wouldn't answer her phone, wouldn't message me back and I could feel in my gut something wasn't right, she came back a week later hadn't heard from her all week. And acts like every thing is great. Like she hadn't ignored me all week. So, come to find out she was with her x husband in a motel down there the dude was taking her out to eat and talking about old days etc... so that went south real quick as I told her to leave. So she gets her sons girlfriend from Texas to come get her in Oklahoma from our apartment she cleans out my back account which also just got payed and needed to pay my rent but she used my debit card to clean out my account over the next two days without me even knowing until she was already gone and I went to pay rent and there was no money at all and my debit card was gone! She came back crying and balling and made me feel bad after her being gone for almost 6 months so we "started over" and she ended up talking me into moving to Texas so I got us a house set it all up moved all our stuff there transferred my son to a different school and i was working a full time job welding and helping her take care of her disabled mother which was in a nursing home but I talked my wife into bringing her to our house. I helped her take care of her mom until she passed away then she started messing with her x husband again and treating me like crap being completely hateful trying to fight. So I brought home some boxes had my son start packing all the stuff he couldn't live without and within a week I grabbed his stuff and my stuff and we came back to Oklahoma again to start all over. For 1 no, none of them worked. For 2 saying all this to simply say this, Don't EVER let anyone change who you are! I know my worth! I know I'm gullible, I know I'm a hopeless romantic, I am a cancer, I know I wear my heart on my sleeve but I always give everyone much more credit than what they deserve but I'm still gonna be me! I am happily married now, just got married in February of this year and my son and I are both very fortunate and blessed!
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