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Nathan K.

by James Thelen 12 Oct 2021 0 Comments
I want to start off by saying thank you in everyway possible for everything you stand for and offer to the world ....

My story
My story started pretty good then hit a wall in my late teens early 20s having a child early at the age of 17 thought it was great high school sweetheart baby then whole works things were awesome to have it all ripped away from me at the blink of a eye when she left me for someone else I was all over the place and there it was the hidden grown alcohol at the first taste I was married to it kept it on a chill level years later I met the best person in my life and was the happiest I've ever been and we got married I was 22 years old had it all for 17 years but nearing the end of the 17 years things started to fall back to the old me drinking alot to the point things ended and once again life ripped away from me I didn't think much about it because I thought things were good but seeing now I was doing stupid dum and just didn't listen at the end 17 years I just looked at as ok didn't work out im free and here came the single party guy living life till one day that hit home hard one night after a awesome night coming home I was coming down the road and fell asleep behind the wheel and didn't make the next turn and took my truck at speeds of 45 50 mph in to a telephone pole split the pole in half and totaled the truck no belt no air bags and I was given the gift of life to be able to walk away with not one little issue but a broken ego and emotions thank God no one was involved other then me a truck and a pole things chilled for a bit and emotions and life started to get really hard and I went off doing my things and then met a wonderful lady spent about a year with her and things were perfect and was told the drinking had to chill but who was she to tell me i have it all figured out till it didn't work out and we split and that wonderful marriage of me and alcohol never broke up for anything and always helped in the moment but no matter how much it did at that time the day I realized the issue and emotions were right back where they felt off and they grow bigger and so didn't the amount alcohol to the point where once again on the way home from a awesome night I had the bad moment to come in contact with a huge oak tree in my convertible mustang not sure of the speed or much of anything but I do know once again no belt no airbag and this time coming to a extreme stop and the car wrapped around the tree completely totaled I was touched again with the gift of life why I really don't know but what I do know is this is my 3rd time chance of life and I know im here for a reason and I have at this point made the choice to 100% quit drinking and ive been going to AA help session and group therapy and what ever is needed to change its been as of this moment 5 days clean and a non stop thrive for help and change and in the AA meetings and groups ive been to in the past 5 days 2 times a day I have had met the best people in the world
we are all alike and there for the same reason no matter if its your first day or 40 years there we all are 1 together I have been given this chance of life for a reason and I have had a few people tell me in this short time im way ahead of most people in my shoes of time willing to change and that my words are as helping as if this is what I should be doing ( helping the ones in need as I am in need of help ) I live and feel like I belong and feel this is my reason of life is to HELP if thats my calling im going to do it to the fullest

Since day one of coming across your site I have been a 100% supporter and spread your word and site to everyone i know it means so much personally to me andni thank you and appreciate everything that demons Behind Me represent

Thank you : Nathan
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