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Nicole B.

by James Thelen 08 Jul 2024 0 Comments
I grew up in a well to do family and attended church every Sunday. I didn’t hurt for anything. In high school my friends would tell me my parents are too protective. So when I graduated high school I would go visit a friend at college. This was the first time I ever touched alcohol and I loved it and the attention. So it started out me just sneaking off every now and then to go drink and slowly grew worse. I eventually started drinking in my home town. I went to the branch campus for college but as the drinking and wanting to party got worse my grades suffered. I ended up dropping out of school and working. All of this while still living under my parents roof. Then I started day drinking with people who I thought were my friends. I finally got caught and my parents told me that I either go to this mission in Mexico and learn to work for someone else or I need to get out of their house and they would cut off everything. I was a wreck less brat, I totaled 3 of my parents cars in these partying years. So I thought the perfect thing to do was go to Mexico to get away from my parents and be really far away from them because I didn’t need them. But the first two weeks there the Lord knocked me to my knees made me realize I still needed my parents and I needed the Lord back in my life. About a month or two later being there my husband came to the mission. We have been together 10 yrs now. 3 dating and 7 years married with our fourth child on the way. The Lord saved my life and I just want to give him all the glory for it.


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