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Clay T.

by James Thelen 08 Jul 2024 0 Comments
Hey guys,My story? That’s a great question…. As all stories are different, as are experiences mine is nothing more or less than anyone else’s. Over the last couple years I have taken steps to better my Mental Wellness. I joined the Marine Corp in 1988. In August of 1990 my unit entered the Gulf War. We were one of the first units to cross the border in to Kuwait and ended up securing the Kuwait Airport and then Kuwait City. During that tour I lost several friends that have been missed for years. Just before I got out of the Marines I got a call from a buddy of mine that lived in California and that I grew up with and was close with. He was about 30 minutes from at the time and seemed distressed about a girl. We made plans to hang out the next evening. That next day I got a call from him mom saying he wasn’t getting back to her for several days that week and was concerned. I showed up at his place that day and was able to get the door open and found him hanging in the closet of his bedroom. I was crushed. I got out of the Marines in 1993 and shortly after that lost my Mother to Cancer. She was my biggest fan for sure and that hit hard. I was the only one home when she passed and I watched her take her last breath. Alone…. Over the next several years i started to get calls from those I served with. Informing me that some of my friends are now starting to lose their battle with their demons. It saddens me that these brave men are now thinking they have no other choice. I will admit that I have struggled over the years with my demons and on a couple occasions have made decisions to join them. I have been working in Law Enforcement now for almost 20 years as well. I have seen hangings, wrist cutters and people jumping off a top tear of county jail, overdoses and much more. I have seen so much sadness and evil in my life that it was time to take some positive steps towards wellbeing. Im doing much better now and am always wanting to share with others on how to cope and my stories. I found your store and loved the message. So I just wanted to say thank you for what you are helping to bring to light and I appreciate you guys. Please keep the message up!


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