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Paden C.

by James Thelen 03 Jul 2024 0 Comments

In 2014 I hit probably the lowest anyone can hit. I got into a car accident that claimed the life of another person to bury the demons I turned to drinking and getting high just. This drowned out everything all my demons all the things I was facing and it helped me run from my problems. In 2015 after two years of dodging drug tests while waiting on court dates, i plead down my case to a few lesser charges and spent 90 days in jail and the next 3 years in a halfway house. I found motorcycles and some good people that helped me see that there was light at the end of the tunnel that my life meant more than my decisions. After I got off paper and was consistently getting help for my demons I bought a bike and started traveling full time for work. If it wasn’t for my family and the friends that stuck by my side I wouldn’t have gotten to the point I’m at right now.


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