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by James Thelen 08 Jul 2024 0 Comments
Hello I'm a 53-year-old man is very young at heart single father two boys or young adults now one has kids of his own which are very important to me maybe being a pop is one of the only things I've done right in my life completely very proud of myself and my grandbabies and reflect very much not as much as I've done to help raise them and help teach them their value system and the family is number one my life got out of control when I was younger drinking and partying went to school with a very popular click always was tail no matter when it's in the sports music looks so my claim to fame was in the wild guy who got drunk and was the loudest when I was 20 I became a single father mother left us when my first son was six I was a dishwasher at the time And moved into management very quickly and my looks grew along Awesome I drinking No Find myself Craving women more than ever being in the restaurant business moral of the story is I've never been married I'm great at buying rings and wasn't always the best role model A children he has to head whatever but I've been such a bad example for so many years before I quit drinking and along the way I had a demon inside me and a temperament the woman I just left after 8 years is still aggressive alcoholic I quit almost 6 years ago after a brawl we got in which I looked like the fool it was wrong with my actions regardless of what happened I knew that night I would never drink again I went the next day to a center and requested a alcohol and domestic abuse visor to sit with me immediately there was no avoiding this issue anymore for myself and I can thankfully say I've never touch alcohol or seeing my demons come out of me ever again people ask me how did you just set it down I tell them I embarrassed and hurt my family And I know what I want my legacy to be to my grandbabies and mylife is wonderful these days and I own a new Harley from the money I did not spend partying and alcohol this is why I love your guys apparel riding and matching it to my riding pleasure and mood for the day how proudest I feel now...... This is what I say and feel every day my own demons are behind me....Sincerely PAPA.


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