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Timothy P.

by James Thelen 08 Jul 2024 0 Comments
I was a drunk, not a good one, just a drunk. Memorial Day weekend 1987 I was working as security at Great Lake Dragway. I was drunk, rode my bike into a bar, fell asleep with it on my leg next to a campfire. You know fun stuff. I was asked to go home as my services were no longer needed, so I thought it might be a good time to rekindle an old flame. So, I went to where she was staying, broke a window at my friend's home (she was upstairs with his tenant. Made a big ass of myself, was told to leave, a gun was shot in my direction which just made me mad, police were called, and they arrived (you ever notice they never send one or two, always a group?)somehow i ended up w2ith a female law officer pointing her service weapon at me, she yelling to pull my hand out of my jacket, me saying unkind things to her and me just wanting he to pull the trigger and let the world go black. Remember what i said about them being is a group? well at that time I didn't remember, so suddenly i was hit from behind and i was face done in the wet grass and could not move my arms and legs. after they stood me up with my new set of handcuffs on, they escorted me to their fine car and brought me to the Graybar hotel. 2 days later (holiday weekend) I had my day in court. My Dad was there and my old love interest. My Dad was never there if i got in trouble, he was "you got in, now you get yourself out" type. never found out what that girl said to get him there. He paid my bail (with a slight fee to pay back) and when I got released, he was in the parking lot with her. he said "a father is not supposed to bury his children" the pain in his eyes and the way he walked away tore me up. I was brought home and took a bath, I cried, I begged God to never make me feel like this again. I made a deal that iwould do ANYTHING HE ASKED if he would stop this. That was my final drink and I have not had one since.


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