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Ronald M.

by James Thelen 09 Nov 2023 0 Comments

I’m still battling the demons and it’s a very tough battle, but I am almost there! My battle is with nicotine, the cigarettes are pretty much out of the story now maybe a pack every few months if that but the dam chewing tobacco and vaping.I haven’t bought a can of chew in a week or so but was buying it by the tub not the can! chewing almost a can a day, hopefully I’m done now,I have a vape which I think is the worst health wise. Only reason I have that is because of the need for something in the morning with my coffee and at night and when I’m stressed, but still find myself using it a couple times during the day also,I’ve gone a week or 2 without but here I am with another. I have a16 yr old daughter just getting her drivers license and need and want to be here for her I’m going to be 54 this November.

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