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Scott S.

by James Thelen 09 Feb 2023 0 Comments

My story started September 1, 2014. My morning started off normal, I live in the South so it was nice outside. I was sitting on the deck enjoying the sunshine when I got that dreaded phone call every parent hates. My son took his life at 6am. He is forever 34 now. I couldn’t believe it. My demons started that day. I didn’t care if I lived anymore. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. And still can’t to this day. The only thing that kept me going were my kids and grandkids. I couldn’t do this to them. I couldn’t fathom what this was doing to my other children. (My kids are adults) I went back to work after one week. I couldn’t sit at home doing nothing. My demons kept getting worse. I never went for grief counseling in NC. I knew one day I was going to have to move back home and take care of my parents. That day happened in May of 2016, when my wife told me to get over the death of my son. I told her fuck you. I’m done. I moved to Georgia then. Both my parents had the onset of dementia. It wasn’t so bad where I couldn’t work. I got a job, started counseling and was still hurting from my son’s death. But I was doing much better. My demons weren’t as bad. I met a wonderful woman in 2018. She is my support. My parents kept getting worse. I was able to keep up with them with cameras while I worked. I’m March of 2021, I had a knee replacement. In April my mom had a second stroke and it paralyzed her left side. At that time I became a full time caregiver. I couldn’t return to work. I refused to put them in a home. My mom passed in August of 2021. My dad’s demise started then. His dementia was getting worse. I couldn’t leave him by himself. Dad passed this year in November. Taking care of my parents and watching them slowly die has been so heartbreaking. And I’m still dealing with my son’s death. I married Lisa in June. I’m still in counseling, my wife has been my rock, and sound board. My demons still get me. But I’m fighting that everyday. I love your cause, and your merchandise. It’s an inspiration. I working on leaving my demons behind me.

Thank you

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