Steven I.

My story goes back about 17.5 years ago when I first picked up an alcoholic beverage. I was raised in the church but at a young age became very rebellious towards my parents and was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. As the years went by, I got kicked out of college, not for grades but for my stupid and childish ways including drinking and smoking. I came home and jumped from job to job because I couldn't put down the bottle. I would call in sick, not show up or come in reeking of the night prior. I got my first DUI in 2015. That didn't stop me. In 2019, I got my 2nd DUI. That one stung a little, had to do 5 weekends in county jail, which was horrible, and I said I will never go back here. Well, that mindset ended quickly and in 2021 I got my 3rd DUI. I really messed up this time. By the grace of God, the judge granted me a bond to attend a residential drug/alcohol rehab center in Richmond, Va. There my life changed forever. I stayed 72 days and then stepped up to a sober living organization which I quickly became a house manager and community leader. I spent 11 months in the recovery houses. I took my Peer Coach and Peer Recovery Specialist class at McShin Foundation. I now work for Sentara Healthcare for the Virginia Premier Health Plan as a Peer. I am also back enrolled at Liberty University and 46 credits away from my Bachelor's degree in Psychology in Addiction and Recovery. On March 14, 2023, I will have 2 years sober from alcohol and any mind-altering drugs. DO NOT TELL ME YOU CAN NOT CHANGE!! If you need help, REACH OUT!!

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